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Skills for Life

Happy Tiddlers is a purpose built Swim Centre located in Barton Le Clay.

Team Tiddler are dedicated to creating confidence, teaching water safety and building essential swimming skills for all. 

We teach babies from 8 weeks and take children up to STA's Goldfish 3. Adult lessons are also available for beginners or improvers.

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Following the Swim Teachers Association (STA) 'Learn to Swim Program', Happy Tiddlers classes are tailored to age and experience.

Class sizes are deliberately small, allowing teachers to work at the pace of each individual.

Happy Tiddlers provides a stimulating environment for learning through exploration and play. This builds confidence and aids skill development. Classes combine hands-on experience with knowledge-based teaching. Scroll down and take a look at the different classes to identify the right one for your tiddler or contact Happy Tiddlers to learn more.


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8 - 12 weeks
Adult accompanied

It’s never too early to start swimming with your baby. Water is a natural environment for a newborn having been immersed in the embryonic fluid for the past nine months. By introducing a variety of holds and using gentle floating techniques, our Urchin class promotes a safe and nurturing environment where both you and baby can enjoy the bonding experience of water.

Current Timetable

updated November 28th 2019



What our Tiddlers really think..

Happy Tiddlers are a great team ! The teachers and facilities are fab and love the fact the teachers have built a relationship with each child in order to understand their level . I know both my daughters have come along way in a short time here . Look forward to getting my youngest one in ! Would definitely recommend!

Krishma Tailor

Happy Tiddlers are so wonderful! I have been with them for a year now and both my boys have gone from not wanting to get in to not wanting to leave. My eldest is now swimming unaided and the confidence he has is fantastic. My youngest is much more confident and thoroughly enjoys his lesson every week. I find Helen and the team fantastic, they are easy to talk to if you have any issues and always happy to help. I’d highly recommend Happy Tiddlers!

Natalie Christmas

Absolutely amazing swim centre... our daughter loves it and feels really comfortable and confident with the pool, environment and all the staff. Even the dry areas have been really thought about, safe and friendly environment for all the family.

Cheryll Rogers

What an amazing swimming school this is! My son really struggled with jumping in & putting his face in the water a year ago but his teacher Katie has been brilliant with him. Now all he wants to do is jump in and swim under the water! The staff are so friendly and fantastic with the children. Highly recommend their lessons to anyone thinking about starting with them!

Rebecca Millett


The Story Behind Happy Tiddlers

Founded June 2014

The Tiddlers story began when Helen and Nicky struggled to find a local swim school for their own little tiddler. The pair both see swimming as a vital skill for everyone and this passion, combined with an obvious gap in the market, resulted in the founding of Happy Tiddlers in 2014.

Helen started out on a Saturday afternoon with three tiddlers and began to build the Happy Tiddlers brand. Nicky supported Helen in the background until finally joining full time in summer 2018.

Team Tiddler have taught hundreds of tiddlers to swim and helped parents and carers gain their own confidence with their little ones in the water.

The opening of the Swim Centre in Barton Le Clay has been a pivitol stage in the Tiddlers journey. Their mission still stands; developing happy confident swimmers with skills for life. 

"when life gets you down, you know what you gotta do....just keep swimming"

Dory (Finding Nemo) 


Our Team

Where the Passion Begins

Our incredible team is truly the heart of Happy Tiddlers. It’s their dedication, passion and talent that results in happy confident tiddlers who are eager to learn new skills.

Take a look below to learn more about the team.


Helen Reynolds

Chief of Tiddlers

Helen started the business in a school swimming pool with 3 tiddlers, her passion and knowledge have made the brand what it is today. 

Her qualifications include:

STA Level 3 Diploma in Aquatic Teaching - Baby PreSchool

STA Level 2 Certificate in Aquatic Teaching - Baby PreSchool (QCF)
STA Level 2 Award in Swimming Teaching (QCF)
STA Pool Emergency Procedures - Rescue Qualification
DBS enhanced checked (formerly CRB)

Helen has personally taught hundreds of children to swim across Bedfordshire. Everytime she gets in the pool she has as much energy and enthusiasm as the first time. One of the things that parents and carers love about Helen is how tuned in she is to each individual child and their individual needs.

Helen has developed an amazing team, all of which have spent time working closely with her to ensure they teach the Tiddler way!

As well as being a highly talented swim teacher, Helen loves to sing and will take every opportunity to include a song in the lessons she teaches! 

Nicky Reynolds

Director of Happiness

Since the beginning, Nicky has been supporting Helen in the background. In summer 2018, Nicky joined the team full time.

Her pertinent qualifications include:

STA Pool Plant Operator

DBS enhanced checked (formerly CRB)

While the others are teaching, Nicky is responsible for the customer experience, operations management and making sure there is plenty of coffee available for the tiddler community! 

Unlike Helen, she cannot sing and nor should she, if you hear her please ask her if she can whistle!

Jo James

Captain Tiddler

Jo was a customer first, swimming with Tiddlers from 2016. In early 2018 she took the plunge and joined team tiddler!

Her qualifications include:

STA Level 2 - Award in Swimming Teaching (QCF)

STA Level 2 Certificate in Aquatic Teaching - Baby Pre School (QCF)

STA Pool Emergency Procedures - Rescue Qualification

DBS enhance checked (formerly CRB)

Jo is a very calm and intuiative teacher who delivers a fun and engaging experience for the tiddlers in her lessons. Jo has a need to understand the detail in everything she does and as such she is always reading and researching to further improve her knowledge, this is evident in the techincal capability she demontrates in the pool.

With four men in her life, Jo is always on the go and has learned to take everything in her stride!

Josh Page

Captain Tiddler

Josh joined the team in 2017 and quickly became an integral part of Happy Tiddlers. 

His qualifications include:

ASA Level 1 Assistant Teacher: Swimming

ASA Level 2 Certificate for Teaching: Swimming

DBS enhanced checked (formerly CRB)

As a member of the Deaf England Rugby squad, Josh puts a great deal of emphasis on the team aspect of his classes as he encourages the children to work together as they learn. 

His communication is highly effective and his lessons are full of energy and passion. Without a doubt, Josh loves teaching the Tiddlers and seeing their skills develop.

Don't be misled by his silence, he is the joker of the team and keeps everyone on their toes.

Katie Must

Captain Tiddler

 Katie joined the tiddler team in 2017 after taking lessons with her son. Once a representative for England at the Common Wealth trials, Katie loves to be active.

Her qualifications include:

STA Level 2 Certificate in Aquatic Teaching Baby & Pre School (QCF)

ASA Level 1 Assistant Teacher: Swimming

ASA Level 2 Certificate for Teaching Swimming

RLSS NARSTC, National Rescue Award for Teachers

DBS enhanced checked (formerly CRB)

Katie is a hugely popular teacher who is engaging, energetic and passionate - all of which are impossible to ignore when she is in action.

When out of the pool, Katie will be found chatting and having a giggle with someone from the tiddler community!


Tom Warner

Captain's Mate

Tom joined us in October 2018 and assists the Captains during the lessons of our Sharks Tiddlers. 

Tom has a wealth of experience in the water as a member of the sea cadets. He has achieved high levels in Wakeboarding, Kayaking/Canoeing, Sailing and Wind Surfing.

Tom also has licenses in 3 types of Powerboat Driving (Displacement, Plaining & Ski-Boat).

His pertinent qualifications include:

Active First Aid Qualification 

DBS enhanced checked (formerly CRB)

As the tallest member of the team he is easy to spot, you'll find him working with the children and getting things in order before the end of his shift!


Here are some of our most common questions.


What should my baby wear for their lessons?

We require babies to wear 2 layers when swimming.

This consists of an inner swim nappy (the absorbent layer) & an outer layer (the containment layer) which is either a swim nappy that has a good seal around the leg and waist or a wetsuit that incorporates the nappy design.

The inner layer consists of either a disposable swim nappy or a reusable/washable inner layer, the outer layer should fit snugly and create a seal around the waist and leg.

You can purchase these at reception from our swim centre.

Can both parents get in the pool?

Yes, lessons are a wonderful opportunity to bond with your little one and as such, where possible, the team encourage couples to share the experience.

How do adult accompanied lessons work?

Adult accompanied lessons are available for tiddlers up to 4 1/2 years. During these lessons a parent or guardian must accompany each child in the pool. These lessons provide as much learning for the adult as they do the child.

What if my child is ill?

There are several infectious conditions that prohibits your child swimming, including:



Heavy cold

Ear infection

If your little one has suffered from an upset tummy or sickness, you need to wait until 48 hours have passed since the last episode of diarrhoea and/or vomiting before going swimming.

You should always check with a medical/health practitioner if you require further information for an illness or condition.

It may be possible to re-arrange a missed class, dependent on your flexability and availability of spaces in other classes.

We are not able to carry classes over to another term.

My child has a medical condition, who should I inform?

You will be required to complete a booking and medical form on which you can disclose any known medical condition for your child or their adult swim companion.

If there is a change in status of this medical condition while enrolled on any course, please inform us immediately.

If your child has a medical condition, please consult with a doctor before commencing a swim session/course.

I cannot swim, is this a problem?

No, our pool is 1.2m deep which makes it possible for parents and carers feet to reach the ground. We aim to build the confidence of both parent and child. Our classes are relaxed and informative to help with this.

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